Our commitments

Purpose and Mission-Driven Society

Linje works to generate positive and significant social, societal and environmental impacts through its activities.

Our mindful and virtuous eco-responsibility is upheld by working with and valuing local partners and service providers, therefore preserving French craftsmanship and jobs in businesses that prioritize human values and knowledge transfer.

Eco-designs for all our products: a conscious transparency in terms of culture and sourcing of materials that spans from manufacturing (spinning, weaving, finishing) to packs and packaging, including printing methods, and short crafting channels.

Our commitments

  • Original illustrations, in every sense.

  • Well-paid artists: On top of a lump sum for the creation of the illustration, artists receive a fixed amount for every dish towel sold, no matter the final sale price.

  • We’ve chosen Spanish cotton, a controlled and thoughtful cultivation, over organic cotton grown at the other end of the world.

  • As part of our CSR approach, all other parts of the dish towel are made from recycled polyester that is 100% sourced from the reprocessing of plastic bottles, fishing nets and plastic waste from the seas.

  • 1% of profits are donated to the Surfrider Foundation, which works to preserve our oceans.

  • No dead weight: no cleaning tags (replaced with a QR code), no sleeve or extra packaging. We limit our need of single-use paper and cardboard. Same goes for our shipping boxes: no tissue paper, no flyer, nothing unnecessary!

Our beautiful dish towels!